Monday, July 15, 2013

More Noggi and Chanoma

went to uni this morning. again. pretty cool getting paid to fill in random stuff and click random stuff. was asked to drink 3 cups of water. couldn't finish the third. actually felt sick. 

was going to go norita, but turns out they recently closed (since some other friends went earlier this year...). i was so looking forward to board games, but tbh, i think it's a waste of money. i have heaps of board games at home, defs over 10, so if you really want, someone can bring over their coffee machine, i can make coffee, and people can play board games for free haha.

finally used my noggi voucher. NTS: don't ever go george st noggi again. only 4 flavours. compared to moochi which has heaps of flavours for their george st store. i was so pumped to try blood orange from noggi. tried their cappacino (they're supposed to swap to cherry this week...) and it wasn't good. even though i said earlier in the year that their green tea wasn't good, well it was pretty tasteless this time, only paid 40c extra this time. at least their packaging it newer.

so on the left, regular original (better than expected) and biscotti (again) with mochi, strawberry pearls and blueberry. fresh blueberries are expensive, but these ones weren't fresh. some of them weren't defrosted properly, so were a bit icy =/ 
on the right, mini green tea with passionfruit, strawberries (which actually looked fresh) and mango pearls. all Dandelion and i could taste was the passionfruit, it fully overpowered the green tea (which hardly had any flavour to begin with)
no more froyo for me for a while! except yogurt world/yogurtland. i have about 4 yogurtland vouchers which said first 3oz free, which is about $1.80, so when new flavours come in, i'll get a tiny bit, and hopefully it's just 3oz so it'll be free (:
yeah, sick of asian froyo. haven't had yogurberry this year, don't plan to, but does anyone know what spoons they have their? haha

walked a lot today, but it's good to be out after a week trapped inside my home. my left side is still a tad swollen (well on the inside it's still kinda annoying), but it looks normalish from the outside.

finally went to chanoma today (sorry for dragging you guys). i've always known it was overpriced, and for me, it was one of the places where you go once and don't go again (or for a very long time). i had the matcha shiratama float, apparently it's the 2nd best seller. got ripped off. it's not even full! it was nice, but not worth the price, and personally, i think this place is over hyped and it wasn't the best green tea drink i've had. you can taste the strong matcha powder they used, but it wasn't as wonderful as people said it to be. not worth $6.90. hardly got any ice cream, and they put in so much ice that i felt even more ripped off.

so all i've had today was all liquidy stuff. screw lunch for today (even though there are so many places i want to eat and trying to save money at the same time...). all that water and liquid kept me full even through dinner.

got scratched by a dog yday, and the scratch mark is still there/hurts. out of all my friends, i only know one dog which doesn't scratch/have toe nails. can't stand pain from a dog's toenails. like how do people survive in summer is they wear shorts and the dog keeps on trying to go on your lap/stand and they scratch your leg?
and knees are so bruised from dance tonight....

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