Wednesday, July 17, 2013

passed first sem.

i got a pretty bad mark for the "easier subject", but i've hated babs since the beginning, and even though the test was pretty straightforward, i probably guessed all the mc wrong.

on the other hand, visn and chem were my highest, so i didn't guess all the mc for chem wrong. they probably marked visn really nicely since i got a distinction for it. out year also got an "easier" exam compared to other years, and i circled the ones which i didn't attempt properly, so i had an idea of how many marks i lost, but yay for scaling! same with chem, some i didn't attempt properly, and my raw mark would be horrible, so scaling definitely came in.

just realised, babs and maths marks were about the same. chem and visn were the same...

so close yet so far...

so many bruises and legs hurt from two days of dance after a two week break =/

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