Saturday, July 27, 2013

PLUS Outing with Johnny's Pizza

the title of this post isn't a reflection of what i ate today.

breakfast: toasted wholemeal bread with avocado and some chunks of cream cheese with chives. just missing my tomatoes and we just ran out of sourdough, but outside it would cost $7+.

lunch: toasted croissant with honey roasted leg ham and tasty cheese. outside at cafes it would cost $6+ this was accompanied by sweet potato fries and a fresh coconut drink. in restaurants it would cost $5/6+, at the shops it is normally $3.50, got it for $1.50 on special (: it was also really fresh and the inside was refreshing whilst the flesh was fun to scrape and eat.

had PLUS (uni youth group) girls' outing at friend's house
before dinner. junk food.

dinner: pizza
the bottom pizza, thai sea, was 11inches. a quick google search told me the "big pizza" is 25 inches, heapsss bigger than costco. we made it have 4 quarters, so the big pizza had 4 flavours; ham and pineapple, four seasons, mexicano (it had chilli and i survived it guys!), and something else. 

i always get their menu's in the junk mail, but finally tried it out today. it was alright, nothing that special.

dessert: fondue. chopped up some strawberries/banana/pear/apple and dipped in milk and dark melted nestle cooking chocolate. pretty good (: no wonder why they always have candles underneath the chocolate since it does harden up pretty quickly.

so unhealthy today D=

did more make-up shopping today, and buy "shopping" i mean trying things in store, then whatsapping to tell my aunt what i want (figured this out after i realised the thing i bought this week is so much more expensive in aus than in hk, luckily i got a free gift with it or else i would've felt even more ripped off....) like mac lipstick in aus is 36, in hk, even if the dollar has dropped, it's 20. i don't mind the dollar dropping, but it better rise when i go back overseas (hopefully america) at the end of next year. need to make the most of every dollar. i have quite a lot of aunts, so having a "make-up" aunt is good. last time she was like "so sorry Elisa, can't take you out for make-up shopping, will do so next time you come". well, she's "retiring" this year to assist with her children's homework/monitor her son's work/exams to go into high school. yeah, asian countries competition into high school/uni is more competitive than aus since they have more people, and they're all asian. 

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