Thursday, July 4, 2013

Running Man and Ribs and Rumps

thanks so much Bitter for organising! so much effort that you put into it <3

haven't played games a a party since...primary school. we should do a running man part 2, since i heard you didn't finish some games...

lunch at ribs and rumps! first time (:

onion rings and salad. pretty nice 

pork ribs! not as meaty as hurricanes, but still yum (: and i hardly made any mess on my hands this time, only the fingers of one hand was saucy (:

steak! except i was a bit disappointed with this one, since it was a bit over well done. maybe they cooked it beforehand and it just rested a bit too long before it came out. rump steak is a "cheaper" cut of meat, so you would need it medium to medium rare (what i like) to have it melt in your mouth. this one had a tiny bit of pink, but really needed sauce. oh, that mushroom sauce was so good! i had it with some steak, and chips of course.

cake! so pretty (: i love the colour. and the flavour was good. maybe i should not get a cake from my local patisserie (i've already had most of the ones i wanted to try) and go french this year. and it had a good balance of sugar.

mocha cake. not a big fan of cakes with cream, but korean cream is better than chinese cream. i was originally going to halve my slice of this cake, then thirded it and quarted it. still tried some, and it was nice

i think cake is important for birthday's, and the number of candles. so when i'm 50, yes, i do plan on having 50 candles (and a massive cake to accompany it)

2nd leg of the party. i managed to get 2 out of 6 sticker things. they were stuck so tightly onto the poles and signs. the first one i ripped turned into 10 pieces, but second one was better. i only know of one playground in westfield, and the shop was a pretty obvious clue.
and tracy is pretty good at getting people's tags. when she caught up to me, i already saw a few in her hand. if i was at towers, i would know the place by heart and know all the escalators/lifts, but i don't even know parra, so i just blindly ran to an escalator and it was filled with people, so i was trapped, and yeah, got out lol. i kind of wanted to be on the capturing team for the bells. it was a fun day though (:

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  1. lol what happened to your mission paper, it looks destroyed!

    and i'm pretty sure i wasn't holding any tags at that time but lol thanks anyway ^^ and you were hard to chase after!