Sunday, July 14, 2013

woke up before 12 today. finally went out of the house today.

got a second happy meal today! now i have a minion with 2 eyes and it makes a sound! went for the healthy options of apples and apple juice. the person put a packet of apples in the box, then when she gave me the juice, she gave me another packet of apples, so free packet! didn't have any of it except for the juice. i want to try macca's apple pie macarons one day.

had hot pot today! at family friends' house. had to cut up my food into tiny bits and eat on one side. i'm scared that if i have chunks of food in my mouth, it will rub/crash against the gums, and re-open the hole, and bleed and get infected...

did you know, one of my grandfather has no teeth. about 10 years ago, he had an infection/disease in his gums and they had to get rid of all his teeth to get to it. he can eat solids food though...quite amazing (just not rock hard haha)

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