Saturday, July 13, 2013

buffet/macarons/high tea...

did you know centrepoint had $1 froyo today? as if i would trek out to the city just for 1 dollar moochi. even if it was free, i think i would pass.

also kids eat free at the centrepoint tower buffet. i haven't been up there since they made the whole 360 degrees rotating restaurant and the sky walk thing. it's soooo expensive! mon-thurs lunch (cheapest) is $55, and fri/sat/sun dinner is $85+. and you only have 1.5 hours to stuff yourself. that's not enough time to enjoy the view, take photos and eat your money's worth. i was looking at the photos on their website, and i'm like hey, why does this seem familiar? THEN I REALISED. when i went to thailand, i went up to their tallest tower and enjoyed the view, and then also went to their sky buffet, and i'm pretty sure it lasted more than 1.5 hours and was cheaper. so i've experienced eating buffet high up in the sky before, just without the whole rotating thing, but you could walk around the whole restaurant back in thailand, so didn't even realise, but another things crossed off my bucket list (:

on monday when i went city, i saw laduree macarons are now $3.30! ridiculous! just over a week ago, they were $3.20. then i realised, STUPID NEW FINANCIAL YEAR. should've bought one the week before when it was 10c cheaper, and it's not like they've gone bigger this finanicial year. if you look closely at their macarons, quite a few (well more than expected) aren't perfectly made....their boxes have increased price from 40c to a few dollars. like their wedding box gifts (who is stupid enough to spend ridiculous amounts of money of macarons individually packed to give to their guests!? might as well give people a few more drinks or a few more dishes). last financial year they were $10 for a square box with 2 macarons. this financial year they're $12, mind you, the box/contents didn't get any bigger or fancier.

i still reckon it's a waste of money for people to have high tea at westfield, level 4. it's a shopping centre, so why would you waste money (it's actually quite expensive there) having high tea at a shopping centre. there was a time where i wanted to go high tea at t2, then i thought, that's a waste of money, since i bet they don't even make half their stuff themselves, and you're supposed to go there for tea, not food, and it's expensive considering their quality. 

my cousin said high tea at sheraton is better than qvb. they have a high tea buffet, but at $50pp, i'm not sure if i can afford it at this stage haha...usually the set menu at a high tea place and the tea is enough to make you really full, so high tea probably won't eat anything before/after...

i would upload pics, but now i ceebs....high tea at qvb was worth it, since their tea is really good, crockery was traditional, and the building has some history to it. googling high tea places in syd, their one is considered one of the "cheaper" options. in hk, i had high tea at the 43rd level. the view was amazing. so were the bathrooms-i could wash my hands all day/night (there was hand cream as well). while you washed your hands, you could look over the harbour, and to your right was the mountains/ green stuff and an eagle flying at your eye level, yeah the view was superb. this other place i went to had a history to it, something about someone first settling/some first building (yeah, wasn't paying attention to what my uncle said), but there was also live music which you don't often find nowadays. i remember that place was the place were you had to line up at 12pm, for high tea at 3pm. yeah, i waited in line. only guests of the hotel could book a place. the line kept going until 5 ish, so if you went to the line late, you got a seat late, then you only had 1/2 to eat, and high tea is not something you should rush. you should sit there and take up the seat for as long as you can (unlike buffets)

yep, all of this is making me hungry. still can't open my mouth widely without some pain...

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