Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cargo Bar and Lindt Cafe

yay for $10 steak! i've been looking at what other people have been eating, and then going "i want to eat that"

medium rare 150g rump steak, red wine sauce with mashed potatoes and salad. steak was good but not great, but you can't expect it to be superb for the price. on their website, they were saying how good they were...mashed potatoes were better than the chips. it wasn't too buttery (: i only got half a cherry tomato in my salad though. red wine sauce was nice. i tried some of my friend's mushroom sauce and it wasn't as mushroomy as hurricanes/riibs and rumps.

that redness! =D

first time going to Lindt Cafe, at darling harbour. i've thought about it, and i wanted to have a hot choc the first time i went to a Lindt Cafe, but it was sooooo hot today, like well over 20 degrees, so i opted for an Iced Milk Chocolate for $8. i like it!!! it looks sweet since you can see the chocolate sauce. but it's not. they also didn't add ice, so i feel i've got more worth out of my money. chocolate wasn't too heavy/rich (: good balance, definitely try it if you haven't already. if you go to cafes, even in castle towers, a large ice choc is about $6, so $8 with good quality chocolate/ice cream/choc flakes is more worth it than heaps of ice and super sweet choc syrup. really nice today (: we literally sat at the cafe for 3 hours just chatting. luckily they had a lot of seats there so they couldn't force us to leave.

they had 2 macarons for $5, was going to get them, but their flavours weren't that interesting and they gave it to you in a plastic bag, so no protection for taking it home...

took sticker photos. it's been over 2 years. that machine was super fast =/

had dinner at 10. then dad brought home some sushi, so i had then at 11. i don't really like eating that late...

he also brought home cake!
i see the box in the background everywhere, and i really want to know where this cake came from (someone gave that cake to him...)

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