Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 3.

i know 12am showers are bad, as well as waking up at 1pm, but getting wisdom teeth taken out of you really does drain your energy/motivation to do anything.
yday my face was really swollen, now it died back down a bit. i guess i'm lucky since only one side of my face is swollen, but it's actually horrible. it's a massive inconvenience. the skin hurts inside and out, can't even wash my face properly since it hurts to touch. and it hurts to smile, so if something funny comes up, i'm clutching half my face trying not to laugh.
i gave up eating congee on the first day, and went for solid food cut into tiny tiny pieces/mashed potatoes. i still miss my greens/fruits. if i don't have them everyday, i feel weird, which probs explain why my sleeping pattern is horrendous. i'm still snacking on random junk foods even if i have to wait for it to "melt" in my mouth before i can swallow it.
can't believe i have to go through this again in the near future.

judy picoult's books are always about hospitals, family or law cases. i have yet to read one which doesn't involve those things. the one i'm reading right now has about 10 different voices in 10 different fonts. it's kinda annoying.

and it's been half a year, and i have about 500 photos on my phone, i'm trying really hard to delete photos. i need to stop taking photos of everything. at 2mb a photo, i'm not sure if i would have space for my phone to last me a few years, and i like to keep photos on my phone, so even if i do move them on computer, i like to browse them on my phone. this gets me thinking, people with phone cameras of 12mp+, how do they have enough space? you need space for all your apps etc, one photo alone would take up so much memory. same with dslr, a good quality image and then heaps of pics would take up so much space on your memory card/laptop/hard drive. but yeah, need to really stop taking pics of everything.

you know, for my uncle's birthday trip, he spent 2 weeks in new york, and bought heapsss of stuff there, and went to the rooftop of a hotel to watch ny's 8.30pm sunset. then he went back to hk for one night, then came down to aus, where he went to pink's concert last week in adelaide and also went to one of maggie beer's cooking classes and wine tasting down at the barossa, then flew to alice springs, then to melbourne and back to hk next week. he was saying how dinner in the middle of aus for $121 was cheap. (not for me, i'm currently averaging $10 a meal in the city. then again, i should be averaging $0 since i have yet to find a job) he's already been to america 5 times earlier this year, and heaps of countries already and it's only been 6 months! according to him, if you end up in the finance business/market, you should only do that for 9 years at most. yes, the pays good (well looking at him and his travels...) but it's super stressful so he's been only "working" for a few days each month and travels the rest of the time. he told me one of his friends got too caught up in the stress/business, he went to sleep one night and heart attack or something and died...

it seems everyone is going to europe. i guess there are times when i wish i was a rich kid. like my friends who's dad owns a business and only child, went to hk/thailand/japan for two weeks this break and stayed at 5 star hotels w/ room service/spa treatments/super yummy food. she has relos in hk, but she's rich and her parents can afford to stay in the best hk hotels. then again, money doesn't buy happiness all the time. what i'm trying to say is that i should be content with what i have (despite the pain, well more annoyance at how half my face is still swollen and preventing me to properly open my mouth)

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