Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i actually didn't read the info they gave me, just went with the flow.

actually woke up before 7am today. first ever hospital brain scan. it was pretty cool, apart from the whole lying still for an hour, but hey, i shouldn't complain, getting paid to lie down =D apart from the researchers, a radiographer is also going to exam the stuff, and let's hope my brain is functioning healthily. free brain scan and getting paid=win.

ecg was exactly what you think it would look like in those sciency/"mind reading" criminal shows. getting hooked up to various things while they test your brain function/monitor other things. the stuff they tested was kind of like those brain training games (my ds is super dusty after not playing it for over 2 years...) some of the tests were pretty interesting. 

boost has buy one get 2nd for $1 today and tomorrow! $1=almost free, since you can't even buy anything things days with a dollar. did you know, catching one stop during peak hour is $3.60! feeling so ripped off. going to city is only $5.00 peak hour for trains. (student and child are the same during peak hour). buses are better, only $3.60 concession whenever and whatever time. 

i got pavlova and all berry smoothie. i thought pavlova would be really sweet like a meringue, but it wasn't, you could taste and see the fruits, which is what boost is all about. easy way had free smoothies at wynyard today, but i haven't had easy way since yr 10, and plan to keep it that way for a while. their artificial flavouring sickens me. i've had all the smoothies, but not all the juices at boost. i used my gift card today! it's pretty cool. so yay for free boost (:

I KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, (yep, i always think ahead for my birthday)-fine dining at Masterchef restaurant. wanted to go last year, and want to go this year.

ok, i've been looking at the website/thinking about it for over 2 hours. 
1. it's quite hard to get through ticketmaster, probably cause it's the first day for the public to buy.
2. it's super expensive. $115 for four courses. even though there's a well-known chef heading it, the actual restaurant has no awards.
3. no one willing to eat with me.
4. not everything on the menu appeal to me eg, their last item on the menu has vegemite. if i don't eat it, it would be a waste of money, but i don't want to force myself to eat expensive things. 
5. they have high tea for 42, but as i said before, you need to be in a place with meaning/history/renowned for it to be worth it, and unfortunately, even though it's masterchef renowned, deep down in my head i'm telling myself it's a pop up restaurant. maybe when i've been to some hatted/michelin restaurants when i'm older and can afford it myself and if masterchef is still around, then i'll go (or if they have the restaurant next year and i absolutely love every single item and i have a job lol)

since it opens on my birthday, i'll properly go to the bar and buy something there since you don't need a ticket to go in. masterchef food truck in parra this week. ceebs, and even though they have some of the contestants dishes, $12 for a piece (or two if they're generous) of "fast food" chicken isn't worth it. i'll wait for next week and see what they have, but i really want to try something before they jet off. it's like the environmentally friendly pop up restaurant they had in syd 2 years ago. wanted to try it, but by the time i knew about it and was going to go, they closed. turns out the guys now in perth (since masterchef went to his restaurant again, but it looks pretty permanent in perth ): ) 

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