Thursday, July 18, 2013


accidentally woke up really late today. last week, i woke up at 11, then got out of bed by 1, and in those 2 hours i was just contemplating life since i had no motivation/energy to do anything. today, i just woke up super late.

went to get froyo at castle hill. yes, i said no more froyo, and no, i didn't go out of the house just to get free froyo. this store is run by an indian guy. it's not great, no offence or anything.
normally $3.50. i got taro, lychee and watermelon-look at that artificial colouring! 

it melted straightaway as soon as i stepped out of the store, which means it doesn't have enough yogurt/milk and too much ice. it was pretty watery, and saying they had to give out heaps at one time was no excuse. first time didn't have to line up for free froyo. their formula and machines are just not up to scratch. yogurtland gave out heaps of free self serve froyo, and their ones didn't melt as fast. 

flavour wise, all of them were pretty sweet and you could hardly taste the flavour. lychee was the most decent, watermelon tasted like artificial watermelon and taro-could hardly taste any of it. also got my mine to get a cup. i tried her mango, nup just tasted sugar.

finally bought some hairspray! and it was half price so win (: every time my dance teacher tells us to "groom ourselves" for eisteddfods, i bet she was telling me off haha. finally returned my library books, but not enough time to borrow more. 

so much has changed at towers.

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