Monday, July 29, 2013

Element 6. sem 2, day 1

woke up later than i should've, so was late 5min to lecture, which was ok since they just did an intro lesson for phys. i know i will get mind blown with phys this sem.

as expected, visn got straight into teaching. seems to be more people this sem, probs because i people repeating....i never mentioned this, but last sem when they posted up supplementary exams for visn, firt years had about 10 people, 2nd years had about 20, third years had around 30, and they don't have many people in their year, only around 80, so there's almost a 50% chance you almost failed one of the exams and have to re-do it. ahhh, must work hard. that's what i say, but doesn't really reflect what i do...

went to Element 6 for lunch today! it's a "hip" cafe at West Ryde, nice decor. heaps of church people said it was nice, but like all hip cafes, it's overpriced imo. i have yet to go circa, need to go there before they increase prices, but parra is such a trek to get to. without a car, and with a car, parking is bad. element 6 also had clipboard menus like the Baron and circa, but The Baron didn't have weekly specials. my cousin went on sat, and she ordered this big plate/frying pan of stuff, except they didn't have that today...

cappuccino-$3.50, honeybee smoothie (banana, cinnamon, honey, yogurt, milk)-$6.50.

they made it into the good food guide. i know what bad coffee tastes like, but i can't say that this was good. it was not too strong, froth was good, but the coffee wasn't hot enough (and i have a low-heat tolerance). i've always wnated to drink out of a cute jar. this smoothie was a nice consistency, not sweet (compared to other smoothies), strong fresh banana flavour, not enough cinnamon though. (oh, the other day i found a packet of ground cinnamon =D. more baking next break).

top: bacon and egg roll w/ pumpkin, salad and aioli-$9. bottom: chorizo baked eggs w/ roast potatoes, tomato relish and gremolata.

i prefer the baron's Bacon and egg roll since it has avo and the egg had grounded pepper (element 6 has no pepper on the table/they don't put it on), but they have salt flakes in a mini container. this one had really good aioli and pumpkin was nice. the baked eggs take 15-20 to cook. this was pretty expensive for a dish of its size. it kind of reminded me of lasgana, but heaps less fattier. it wasn't overly oily, i thought there would be heaps of oil/cream. still feeling fat after dance was good, but they should have given more of that flat bread to soak up more of the tomatoey goodness instead of just spooning it. oh, they don't have spoons on the tables cutlery tins...

"specials" menu.

free mini desserts! saved up my card (buy x amount of cakes, get some free stuff). from top left: pina colada, pear and almond, mocha hazulnut, blueberry flan, lemon meringue (my favourite!), cheesecake

just had a look at the good food guide on sydney's best desserts. i've had about 3/11! the watermelon cake is easily accesible, just have to find time. Sweetness the Patisserie, they have the best marshmallows! they're not the typical supermarket ones, they have this light fluffy texture, nice flavours and not heavy on the sugar (: we bought this bag once, but it expired before we finished it and it actually went off since someone shoved it at the back of the pantry ):

lol, tonight's pressure test, you can go to her shops and buy the ingredients which are pre-measured, it probs cost at least $50. for one component, they used at least 10 metal bowls-i don't even have that many metal bowls at home! most of the ingredients you have never even seen. same with the messina cake, you can look at the 25+ steps, but you probs won't even have a tenth of the ingredients in your pantry/most you can't buy in normal shops. if you want, a masterclass for that cake is $260 pp. you know in the 1st season, they only had one blast chiller, and it was only in "special episodes".

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