Sunday, September 30, 2012

the moon's been so bright the past three nights. at night, it feels like i'm sleeping in daylight. i can't sleep with a single bit of light. even when i was like 2, i couldn't stand having a "night light" or leaving my door open a bit...

OH ENGLISH, HOW MUCH I HAVE NEGLECTED YOU. i decided to not start memorising last week or else i would forget.
i was planning to do dot points on thematic concerns for each essay rather than full memorising for HSC but i ceebbbbbs, just thinking about it makes the task daunting. i know i really shouldn't memorise for HSC, since their questions are so much more specific. and with trials, the essay i forgot most of my stuff and made up stuff on the spot was my best essay out of the others. hmmm...maybe i'll attempt to find more thematics concerns with quotes and techniques etc...
mustmustmust work on english this week.

i was talking my friend the other day from syd girls, and she said she made up her related text on the day, so it could fit with the question. the trouble is, what if HSC markers randomly google your text and can't find it...

the only mooncake i've had are the cold ones.

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  1. Wow, when I was little, I had to sleep with the door open. But now, it has to be dark for me to sleep, unless it's during day time and I'm sleeping on the car.

    Warm mooncake is nice.