Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cross Dressing Day

oh wow, today was actually a really fun day.

originally i wasn't going to wear a guys shirt since if i did ask a guy, then he would ask me to borrow my stuff, and i can't stand the idea of a guy wearing my clothes. i only have one skirt, which i need for grad and cannot be broken/ button busted, and i'm short, so guys won't be able to fit into my skirt...

but people are nice, and saw that i didn't have a shirt but he had a spare which was clean as has hanged it on a hanger in his bag (no idea how it fit...). so he lent it to me and i didn't have to lend my stuff to him, so thank you again! (don't he reads this...)

wow, the guy's skirts were hitched up higher that what i would wear. and i love how they put in the effort with make up and all that shiz.

it's easier to pose as a girl. what are "manly" poses? tried to learn throughout the day...

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