Friday, September 14, 2012

today's been a "bad" day.

i don't know. i've just felt "sick" i think it's the "stressed" type of sick. i should stop worrying about scholarships and applying for stuff. i thought interstate stuff was also due today, and i forgot my other numbers and then haven't finished copying down the info i typed and yeah... STILL NEED TO FINISHED UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.

then at jap, my crepe batter fully failed, so i just helped other's. everyone else's food was sooo good. gg cooking life. i need to know how to cook proper meals after hsc, not just baking.

i haven't seen any of my group at recess/lunch for more than 10 minutes. THIS IS EVER SO BAD. and it's like the last time we'll ever be wearing our uniforms since next week is "graduating week" and i wanted to take photos of people normally in uniform. i am totes going to take photos of the whole school next week.

then reports. MY WHOLE REPORT IS WRONG! apart from physics and japanese. i am 99.9% sure i have not been away this year. they did this again, like last year's yearly. rahhh, cutting into my personal time and need to chase teachers up. i thought, yeah my half-yearly reports are so much better, since i got 90+ in 2U maths and an alright mark for adv. then i checked everything, and turns out 3U maths and eng increased, while 2U maths and eng decreased. ok i'm not making any sense here but bascially more stuff above average/ closer to median. i need to do a girra vs baulko post on marks one day...

1 month, i still feel very screwed.

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