Friday, September 7, 2012

18th Dinner Party

1 week and 5 day late post.

first of all, i'm sorry if i bored you.

i did a million things wrong, but i guess you can't prepare much right after trials.

i'm too poor to hire a hall/community centre. i looked up at some of the price, and some were about $300 an hours, then you have to add in cost of food, dj, lights, music, audio and visual equipment (which are $400 for yr 12 formal) and plus heaps of decorations. helium balloons cost $1.50, and in bulk, it's not a lot cheaper.

i've always wanted a restaurant-ish party. and i finally had my own colour theme! since i doubt school formal would be purple and silver, i decided to go with purple (!) with the invites, and balloons, and kind of dress.
so it was based around purple, silver and white. (was reading dandelion's post-yeah, light purple would be too girly, so normal but not too dark purple) ahhh, i would be sosososo happy if formal was purple...i can only dream...but it's ok, i guess i don't mind that much since i've achieved my only colour theme already

and you can't really have "fun" unlike house parties, since you are in restricted space, so the fun factor went down, but what can you do in a "restaurant". i've had too many "fun" parties, so a dinner was just a nice chill night.

even for my 21st, i don't think i'll have a community centre styled party. I AM ALREADY MENTALLY PLANNING MY 21ST. drinks are more expensive than food, so i'll probs focus on having nice drinks for 21st...and it would be more talking as well...

thanks for the cards and presents guys! a shout out to Happy Apple with her very, very creative present. so much effort to wrap them individually, and also the symbolism of it and thinking of Bible verses to match (:
there was actually a person (not you bitter-lol) who i think forgot to include money in their card. i hate asking for money cause it's super awks unless someone owes me, so i guess the card itself compensates. really, asking for money for present is super awks if they don't technically owe you. i've had an experience when i was younger when i asked a person for a present. super awks, but i was young back then, so i had time to learn not to. (oh, i still owe a person for their bday a few months ago, probs give them their present on grad. i don't think that person reads this, so it ok to state this ramble)
EXCEPT i will be asking people for money on my wedding invitations. the last 5 invites my parents'i have received ALL asked to give money not prezzies. it's the norm.

oh, and i've realised over my high school life, girra kids are really organised with presents and cards, even in the junior years.

18th bday cake w/ family. raspberry and white chocolate cheescake. the chocolate work is amazing, partly why i chose this cake.

i love cake. the black forest cake tasted surprisingly good with its layers of moose and sponge. i down sized the cake since heaps of people didn't come. everyone seemed to have wanted more, so i didn't have much cake to "savour" the flavour more. after i've tried all the other cakes i want to try at that patiserrie, i will go back and have another black forest cake. it's more expensive than you think.
18th dinner cake.

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