Saturday, September 15, 2012

yr 12 bbq

spent over 5 hours there, except it was really nice talking to some of my church's uni peeps.

the pastor's house (which was another family's house who moved to shang hai) was quite small, except his backyard was massive. it had a flying fox, swing, cubby houses, slides, big trampolines.

and yummm, pork ribs! except i only had one because i was soooo full.

and i held a snake today. she was quite heavy and awkward to hold, but "yolo" (1st time using it...) and hard to take pics because she kept on moving. i don't like cats, except their cat was a really nice black cat. there was this one fish which had this bubble thing around it's eyes, poor thing, how does it see?

then they just had a little talk, and they have a "HSC SURVIVAL KITS" they were sooo cute, everyone had a personalised one with sosososo much junk food in a shoe box. they had the Nissan branded instant noodles as well-my fav, then heaps of chocolate, and also highlighters, post-it notes, and bible verses!!! i love collecting bits and pieces. i feel loved (:

i've been asked way over 20 times today what i want to do in uni. answer: "med, except i won't be able to make undergrad, so i don't know what to do for plan B" apparently half the people who do optom go into med, but isn't optom already hard to get in...? and then learnt the life of a uni's student travelling routes.

i internally cried myself to sleep last night, as i realised i didn't put in one application for scholarships. then i fully texted her, and she said "no problem". not sure if she means i can still hand it in on monday, or it if she really meant "not her problem" i think i fell into mini depression, all that effort wasted....that all happened between 12.15am till about lunch today. i slept till 10 due to "a hole in my heart" so i got nothing done today.

less than a month D= i really ceebs polishing my essays/creative. i still need to do more maths.

ahhh, i still want to stay in school, since i won't have enough time to take photos. seriously, i'm going to take photos of everything starting on monday (hopefully i will get my report fixed in time), whether you like it or not.

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