Thursday, September 27, 2012

thoughts on formal...

it's a good thing i've been going out all week, since after i come back, i am more motivated/put more effort into studying, unlike today where i literally googled random stuff for an hour since English is sooooo boring (and then i resorted to maths) oh, i finally made it to the new century with my past papers! about 10 more to go...

YOU GUYS DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITED ABOUT FORMAL I AM. which i why i am so side tracked from studying ): i  FINALLY understand why people study at the library now, because you don't get as side tracked, compared to at home, and everyone around you is studying, so you also study.

and since everyone seems to be talking/blogging about ballroom dancing.
the idea behind it is nice, like what you would see in those chick flicks/prom movies etc i've actually kind of want to go to a "ballroom dancing" formal cause i think ballroom dancing is kinda cool, like i used to watch dancing with the stars, and their costumes etc are amazing...
BUT, what about people who don't have dates? people who are forever alone like me? actually, there's even more people than just me (oh wow, this sounds really self-centred, it's not supposed to turn out like that...) as in, there's approx twice the number of guys to girls, so 1/3 of guys will just be sitting on the side, literally, unless they ballroom dance with each other. and it's going to be a "boring" formal without any up beat music. it would be a very "toned down" formal.

boost finally realised they were losing a lot of money. tomorrow's challenge: you have to dress as a fireman, and you have a have a real suit. it sucks )))):
basically only fireman's are eligible, not even a challenge for them. i think it's illegal if you wear a government piece of clothing like army/police wouldn't it be illegal for people to borrow and wear fire fighters clothes?

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