Sunday, September 9, 2012

if alll else fails, maybe i'll go and do a theology degree.

it's so interesting! ancient history plus bible stuff with deeper/hidden meanings, and it all fits into history!

eg. today we went back to revelations, and then found out that "the devil's number" was really "a man's number" in hebrew which was "666".
but 666 stands for something else. since that context of the passage was written in the roman empire, with a really evil man called Nero, and other evil romans believed this was the "evil of evil" guys. anyways, so John wanted to tell people/ record in historical writing that Nero was evil and prosecuted many Christians, but if you wrote it in black and white, obviously he would have been killed immediately.
in the Hebrew alphabet, each letter corresponds with a number, like how for us, a is 1, b is 2 etc, but their numbers are a lot different. when "Nero King" is written in Hebrew, the numbers add up to 666, so it's not "Satan's" number, it's used to represent Nero. and we now it's not the greek alphabet or something like that, since it didn't correspond to anything.

idk if that all makes any sense, but i found it interesting.

the actual lesson was to not compromise your faith. and he gave out real examples like if same sex marriages were approved, then if a pastor refuses to marry the couple since the Bible does not approve, then the pastor can be prosecuted. idk, something like that.

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