Monday, October 1, 2012

less than 14

my "hsc survival pack/shoe box" is kind of like those tents in harry potter when they go to the quidditch world cup (hp4 was on last saturday night)
the content inside seems bigger than the size of the box, similar to how inside those tents are really big...

fingers crossed they don't specify 1st/3rd person.
it would be troll for them to make us do 2 related, since it has happened before. but i don't mind 2 related texts, i mind 1 since i have to memorise 1 more new paragraph which i wrote after trials.

went out to eat today. 2 hours of "relaxing"/ "time wasted" but i finally had my iced pearl milk tea satisfied...apparently they have "hot" pearl milk tea there... =/

had a late night snack yday of mooncake. hey, it's not as bad as i remembered. my uncle posted a picture on fb, of cold durian mooncakes, which were $50 aussies dollars. 50!? apparently my mum called to get them to keep her one since we're going there in two months, and apparently the durians in the cold/ice moon cakes are from malaysia where they have special monkeys who pick durians from trees rather than handpicked by humans, so they "smell" and taste better...i didn't mind durian when i was younger, now i hate it...

really should sleep/wake up earlier.

even my adv teacher has different opinions on my creative. before trials she liked it, after trials she was like "why you have no conflict!? blandblandbland" if you show your creative to 10 people, i bet half will love and half will hate, then a month later their opinions will's kind of a matter of luck in the hsc marking centre. like, i've said before, i made my ext teacher cry and say "oh, i finally found someone who can write well," while my adv teacher says "more techniques plox."

this time in two weeks, no more belonging...

i am not prepared.

(this post was originally meant to be only 3 sentences)

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  1. My teacher suddenly hated no-conflict stories as well! I think especially with adv creatives they'll be looking for techniques and more basic facets of writing, while extension is all crazy experimentation and that