Tuesday, September 11, 2012


so yes, in ext english today, two guys in our class started looking at formal dresses (yes guys, i don't know why) which sparked the rest of us to look, thus the page was created. i think it's a really good idea, since the grade is so large, and it would suck to have the same dress, esp your close friends.
but then some people don't have fb, so then there's always that slim chance they'll have the same dress as you...

EXCEPT, MY DRESS IS BEING TAILORED AT THE MOMENT, so i can't take a photo of it, thus i'm having mini-heart attacks every time someone posts a link and thinking, hopefully it's not like mine. i can't wait until it's finished.

i will explain here. it's reallllllly simple, so that's why i'm scared someone will get the same one i have. it's strapless, maxi chiffon dress which is a light cream/white. no sequins or beads. comes in at the waist, and slightly flows out a bit.
yes, very simple, but it doesn't make me look fat. i wish i could just buy dresses online, if only i had the "body shape". online dresses are actually quite cheap and look really good.
i wanted a backless/low back dress, except i don't have "the back" for it, and i have too much fat. and i could only find one in the stores i went at the beginning of the year, which i looked really fat in. it's like how those slim tight/elasticity material makes me look fat (ok, i'm over using the word)

i was going to wear these heels my aunt got me when she came in may, they look sturdy, except aren't that comfortable. even though i really want height, i can't stand wearing 14cm heels the whole night without taking them off (unlike semis which i had to take them off...)
the wedges i have now are only approx 4 inches, not high enough! but after HSC, i'll probs look for some.

not a bit necklace fan, if i come across something nice, maybe i'll get it...
right now i'm pretty much set. dress. clutch. earrings.

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