Wednesday, September 12, 2012

questions, questions and questions

"Describe an achievement in the workplace and/or designing, building, programming or creating something. Your example might relate to recent work experience, a part time job or a major non-school based project you have undertaken. You might choose to highlight your creativity; the ability to see alternatives; come up with many varied or original ideas; or willingness to try/learn new things."

because i totes go around building stuff in my "part-time job"....seriously, who even builds stuff in their part-time jobs?

ahhh, soooo many questions, no answer. i thought i have a good amount of extra curricular stuff, but you can never have the most of something, and there will be others out there with 10 times more than me. but that space limit! i don't know how to answer it without repeating myself!

and i'm freaking out if i'm missing some information/parts of an application.

i'm actually super stressed about the forms and uni choices. i've said before-even more than trials!!! i don't feel stressed about HSC yet, even though it's in 4 weeks....

do i reallyreallyreally want to do med? jcu doesn't need umat which is good, and i actually have decent stuff to talk about since i went on a mission trip last year for Aboriginal people, but apart from paying qtac, if i do get in, i would spend the rest of my life in northern queensland , studying for 6 years, then working to help those people as a job at a hospital very north queensland, and then never ever see my family again because the hours are so busy, and limited vacations. even as a med uni student, you have heaps less holidays. i don't think i'll be able to commit myself that far away for the rest of my life. the med degree you get there is supposed to help those people up there. i'm still too young to live isolated away from my "life so far"

i have already dedicated the night to answering questions. will dedicate another 2 periods and tomorrow night. ahh my HSC...

usyd: science or pharmacy? i have a feeling it would be easier to get a pharmacy scholarship since atar is below 90 and thus less people, but they probs have a ratio.

apparently more than half the grade is paired up/will be for formal. #forever alone. i just don't get how tables work since groups will have to be divided...and secretly, i think...(i was going to encrypt text here but don't know how...) anyways, if you sit next to a guy, and then you don't like your food, i bet you can swap-that's a really good thing. yes, i do love my food.

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