Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5th free boost

i ceebs explaining everything here, just read what i posted on Tracy's wall timeline. basically i got ripped off. had a raspberry ripe, which had chocolate and it was quite nice compared to the gross king william choc one.

where to buy cheap watermelon from?

today was the first time in 18 years where a policeman went to my carriage to check for train tickets.

and i went swimming today in a bajillion years because i could not stand the amount of fat i have. and i don't want to die because of excessive fat since all my effort would have been wasted if i don't complete the hsc.

oh also, my passport came today!!! it's soo pretty, as in the pages are more colourful/have pictures compared to my previous one. and there's this page with like 6 different methods to tell if it's a legit passport, and each method requires like 3 different types of light, thus you can't tell, but uv light and the like can tell if it's legit. and it came in a little passport case (which didn't last time)

thus, no work done today.
ahh, i feel so screwed, already.

1 comment:

  1. You're not going to die from excessive fat.

    I mean, you would have to have a fat to bone/muscle/tendon ratio of 1:1 to begin with before you drop dead.