Sunday, September 16, 2012

iPhone 5

i wanted to post about this for a while: IPHONE 5!!! it's actually not as exciting as 4s, since it had siri and new camera. the only main difference with 5 is that the screen is bigger, phone is longer, lighter, two toned in colour and faster. graphics and stuff are about the same. i was hoping they would make the camera at least 10mp...why do they make it longer? my hands are small and i think 3g/4/4s sizes are perfect for my hands...but i guess all their competition now has really large/long phones...which means my old iphone socks won't fit..

i really need a new phone, my battery dies in two days, and i hardly ever use it. also, it's super laggy now, even when texting. will save money. for the next iphone (as in no. 6) they will change the shape ie 1,3,3g were the "rounded" ones, 4,4s,5 are the rectangular ones. i don't think i can wait for 5s/6. try to buy overseas since they have less tax! also, the cable to charge is different, it's called lightning. only iphone 5 and other new ipod stuff uses that cable, everything else like iphone 4s and before, all the ipods uses all the same cables, so if i did use iphone 5, yes inside would be better, but it would be strangely different. the maps are pretty cooool.

oh, just checked prices. in aus it's 800 rrp, but in hk when you convert currency, it's approx 700 aussie dollars. defs getting it in hk...if i have the monies...

and the new ipod touch is sooo think now, and the colours are more pastel-ish, less vibrant...i liked the mirror backs of the current ipods, but the new one is only 6mm think! and the camera is like 5mp, but i will never buy a ipod touch...except prices have gone back up to $300+ that was the price around 3 years ago and during that time the price dropped to 180. but now since it's completely different, so it's 300+, but the price will drop next year..probs..
i'm not a big fan of the touch nano's. do you guys remember the days when nano's had a click wheel thing? i like my ipod because it was red (:

sooooo much to do tomorrow. sosososo worried, i hope i don't get slammed. maybe i can cry my way...

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