Friday, September 28, 2012

Trial Make-Up and Hair

oh wow, my back hurts from sitting straight and still for four hours.
luckily it's "holidays" or else i would have full stressed about studying.

so basically my mum called up and she went to our house today to try different hairstyles and make up one me. then took heaps of photos of different hairstyles/make up. the only time when i wear blush is for dance concerts cos we have to, otherwise i prefer a more "natural" look, which is common among aussie girls, but in hk, they have fake eyelashes over their already false eyelashes and sticky-taped eye lids. fake eyelashes are pretty, but they're just so...fake...and i don't think i'll go with them for formal..(and they cost more as well...)
apparently braids and plaits are "in" this year. and she has these stuff which adds more volume to your hair which is pretty cool

it's so much work. especially if your getting married, makeup and hair on the day is 200, plus 200+ throughout for touch ups.

anyways, make up is so nice. but i'm glad i didn't succumb to the high school stereotypical teenager of putting makeup on everyday since it would be bad for your skin in the long run and would waste heaps of time and money.

but getting your make up and hair done professionally is very different and much nicer, compared to doing it yourself, since they have experience and know what's good.

no work done today ))): must study harder from tomorrow.
since i've already wasted the day away, i might as well post some pics (blogger takes forever to upload them ): )

it's hard to take good photos of good make up without a super good camera...
don't think i'll go for this hair style...apparently it's a typical "bridesmaid" hairstyle.

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  1. Elisa, sooo pretty! You make me excited for formal, can't wait to see you in your dress and everything done :)