Saturday, September 22, 2012

umat results

no, i still haven't checked yet.
maybe tonight if i feel like it. didn't want to ruin my "happy" mood from grad yesterday. i think i was really happy because of the music/dance/photo taking.

congrats to people who got 90+ percentile, pure geniuses. actually i think the real genius kid is the guy who got 100% in 4U while the second highest mark was 89% and he got 100 percentile. amazing. and apparently they have five 100 at ruse, in which one guy doesn't plan on doing med. i find that people who do good will be the ones to ask people what they got.

i'm expecting a mystery percentile, which i've heard is 0-20 percentile. i'm not one of those people who "surprises" themselves. i know i have failed. i'm just a slow kid. my mum also knows i've done bad.

i would be so grateful if i got into med without going interstate. but i think for me to have a chance, it would be jcu and adelaide since they either have no umat or only a little. except then i would have to break up 6+ years of connections, and i would still want to see people, except i won't have the money to fly back every week to meet/catch up. talked a lot about back up plans at tutoring today, and she bought us a cake and pizza hut plank pizza's.

i can predict with confidence the people who will get into unsw med, and also the people who will get 99.95, and those who will get into law, and those who will get 99+. i know i need to study harder, i feel like i have the potential to study to get good marks, i just don't seem to have the time, but now i have a full 3 weeks to try my best. i'll be content with other the "threshold atar" needed for scholarships.

i've been looking at other school formal's to see if someone wore my dress. seems like no-one so far, except i think i saw more last year, oh and yesterday when we went to that formal shop, i saw my dress there (different size and colour) and it was around $80 more expensive than what i bought it for. apparently my dress is made in australia so it is kind of expensive. i bought mine when they had a sale, so it was all good.

deadline for myself is to finish scholarship question but monday.
really, really need to study.
have to go fix essays first.
my face is so gross with 2 weeks worth of eating party/junk food
my arm muscles hurt, maybe from excessive hugging or carrying around random bags for the whole week.

mum's birthday/graduation cake from yesterday: honey and macadamia sponge/moose cake. we bought it because it looks sooooo cool, and it tastes really good as well (:

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  1. i agree, generally people who do well ask others about their marks more. you don't want to think too much about something you did badly in.