Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Watermelon Hat

i can't believe my mum actually went out to buy a watermelon for my even though they weren't in season, and my brother actually scooped it out for me to make my hat.
thank you both!

the guy made me take off my glad wrap, but didn't make the people take off their kitchen towel/paper, maybe because it wasn't as visible as glad wrap...but it was ok since the watermelon didn't fully fit onto my head so it touched my forehead/part of my ponytail..

today there were way less people doing the challenge, so they guy have me what i was entitled to: original size. had a green tea mango mantra-my new favourite!!! i used to have the wild berry smoothie one, until i was like "i should try something new"

tomorrow is footy fursday. i don't even watch/play/support football, nor do i own a piece of footy clothing/face paint. so obvs not doing it tmr.

6th free boost today. yay! making profit...(or they are just losing profit..) that's about $40 this year from boost..

oh, I FINALLY TOUCHED AN IPHONE 5 TODAY! just 5 days late... it does feel a bit weird since it's long, and photos look a bit weirder... but it's super slim and sexy (:

tmr will be the first stay at home study day-finally! (yeah, i am super screwed for hsc...)

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  1. Haha, Elisa, you are so funny sometimes. Yeah, and I was wondering about those free Boost drinks - wouldn't they end up having to give out so many free drinks that they won't have that much profit? [Unless it's actually super cheap to make them, or they already have heaps of profit.]