Friday, September 21, 2012

Yr12 Graduation

21st september 2012: graduation, mum's birthday (along with a few other people), iPhone 5 comes out.

i can't believe it. 13 years of schooling.
6 years of high school.
2 years at Baulko.

i didn't feel the need to cry/get all emotional, it's like how i don't cry in movies, or at these ceremonies.
i do however, "cry" in front of teachers so they can verify that i did participate in that extra co-rricular activity, and now my report is all fixed (:

today has been such as goooooooood day. i'm still all happy inside (:
loved all the speeches. funniest moment when Bathgate realised that we knew she had the same speech for the Induction ceremony, and decided for our grad speech to add more "coughs" inside joke, can't explain properly. but her grad speech IS different from last year's.
the performances were all really good (:

and the flashmob. it was actually really fun doing it (: i think people probs have found out we were going to do something. the happy atmosphere inside of my came from seeing people actually trying to do the dance, and just participating in general. i'm not one of those "i hate i school" kids and those "happy that school is over" kids. i'm just happy because today has been really nice. i know i'll miss high school. time has truly flown by.

and so much phototaking. i've taken 10296 photos in 2 years 9 months with my camera, with approx 5gbs of photos taken in the past week. maybe post photos later. hey, facebook has been improving in speed when uploading photos, it's no longer as fustrating.

and then went rouse hill for the first time to have sushi train! (also for the first time), after HSC i need to explore Rouse Hill more....yay for co-ordinated car-pooling guys! i hate ticket machine things when i can't reach them to put the ticket into it to go back out...

i'm really grateful and blessed to have an amazing group of friends from both Girra and Baulko. and thank you so much Bitter for your Gerberas (:  soooo thoughtful, and they're so pretty (:

for me, i would rather a few really, really close friends, rather than heaps of friends. if i make the effort, i know i would still be in contact with everyone i want to be in contact with after high school.

i actually really love Baulko/ school grounds/teachers and of course the people i have met. i forgot who, but someone yday did a Baulko rendition about how it's better to graduate from Baulko than Girra, and it rhymed so it was pretty funny. there will always be tat "competition between Ruse, Baulko and Girra. i need to do a proper post about high school when i have time..

also, the iPhone 5 uses a different sim, so i have no idea how my phone would work if i bought it from overseas, since asian sims networks are different to aussie sim cards networks.

absolutely no study has been done this week. 24 day guys!

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