Saturday, September 8, 2012

Voting and Passports

my first vote. am i even allowed to tell people what i voted for?
i guess i have one more vote than other people who turn 18 late this year as they have to wait 2 or 4yrs (?) for their first vote.

it didn't take really long. as usual, there were people handing out flyers.
it's pretty simple. show your licence, get a ballot, put 1 on both sheets and you're done. which is what i did since i ceebs putting an order on the names at the bottom. a 1 is good enough. which is why licences are so important for ID. it doesn't matter if you don't want to drive, you need it for adult passport forms, and voting, and clubbing (which i have not done yet/will not do until much later), going in bars/casinos (which i will not gamble, but just go in there and look and the place), and so much other stuff.

i don't really care who wins. well, i kind of, since the person who i voted for apparently was against the county drive campaign where they wanted to put islands and fully block off a lane, so that people won't be able to park. i guess a few years ago when they changed a two lane road to on lane, most of us got angry. there are no labour candidates, which is wierd. i though there was at least one of every party in each council..? not in politics, so i wouldn't know.

how do people get employed there? i would like to spend the day marking people's names off and then getting paid.

i wanted to go mac uni for the camels, but it's kids rides and i'll probs would've squished them...but free fooood....

WHAT TOOK SOSOSOSOSOSO LONG TODAY WAS MY PASSPORT. lined up for 30mins!!! on saturdays, they only do them from 9-11am. in front there was a family, then another pair of children who never had passports before. they were around 16/17. how can you not have passports!? then a mother who had three children passport forms, where one of her children didn't sign the form. then it was me. i only took 5mins, while everyone else took soooo long. behind me was an elderly couple w/ their duaghter, and another couple, and another girl.
wasted so much time.

then i had coffee w/ my mum, and the "cake of the day" which was a almond berry cake, and wasn't too sweet which was good. ahhh, i should have gotten chai latte. everyone said it was good there. dayuum. next time, when i can pay for myself...

then tutoring.
then spent the last 4 hours finding all my awards. i organise my stuff into folders, so one folder contains that year's worth of awards and assessments etc. then i have a folder with "special awards" then a folder w/ primary school, piano, chinese school stuff. some stuff is just too old to use. then i had to find the cord to connect my scanner which took approx 30min, my mum found it in the end...and scanning is so troublesome. i am going to rage if i have to take everything back out and photocopy stuff. usyd is the only paper copy application, and they said on the form not to attach anything apart from reports and personal statement...uws has so many certifying things which i don't's times like these i wish i had an older sibling or parents who went to uni to guide me through these things. the career advisor knows me since i hassle her almost everyday, and same with English head teacher. haters will always hate. no, they don't hate me, you can tell they are just a tad annoyed since i keep on questioning them.

back hurst from digging out, moving folders, carrying scanner. i still have to dig out my year 7/8/9 folders from the garage to see if there is anything decent. apparently if you have over 20 pages for unsw, they just skim through it, but if you have less, they look at it more carefully, that's what i've heard.

is it awkward to nominate yourself for an award...? the only thing i'll ever win if they had a category is merit scabber, but i would like to know who else were big merit scabbers like me.

therefore, no work done today.

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