Thursday, September 6, 2012

i've been wondering, if i did pharmacy, what careers would it lead to? apart from being a boring pharmacists in a store.
it seems "easier" to get in, and it's at usyd. i want to go usyd because of the place and atmosphere like i've said before.
medical science may be interesting, but the careers are soooo limited, apart from research. like i was getting my formal dress fitted/measured to be tailored, and she was talking about her daughter's friend is in america doing research as a mdeical scientist. i like the america part, just not research for the rest of my life.

my mum was like, hey teaching is good. they're increasing the salaries as well. only thing i like about teaching are the short hours and you get holidays!!!! but definitely not straight out of high school then back in it again, how do people survive that!?

freaking out about scholarships. don't know what to choose...
they take so long ))):

got my laptop back yday, and only just knew this morning you had to do a million updates to get it working. ahh, ceebs, after a double period, it was still downloading stuff. but i like how we get free microsoft, since i can hopefully now download microsoft word '11 for my mac for free (:

yes, i do love free stuff.

art show was soooo coool! really worth my time. i should've gone at night when they had free food...

i don't get how visually impaired people know where to aim to shoot the ball into the goal. i get how they know where the ball is since it makes sounds, but how do they run around in the right direction without bashing into people? Paralympics are really amazing. their will to still do sport even after injuries/disabled from birth is inspiring.

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