Monday, September 24, 2012

Green P's!

if you thought L's was a joke, the green P's is a bigger joke.

when i was about to start, the person said to the girl next to me "sorry, next time" and i thought "really? is it actually that hard?" because i talked to other people earlier and they said it was very stupid.

and it was. like, i got full marks in my L's test, and green P's is even easier. did it in less than 10mins. but they don't give you marks, only pass or fail.
they give you clips, and the trick is (for people who will do it in over 2 years...) is to either touch the screen quickly or don't touch it at all. seriously, half the time i just sat there because "it wasn't safe to turn"

my parents joke about me because i have to go through green p's but they didn't (cause it wasn't invented back then) it's such as waste of money-$120 all up, ~1/7 of an iphone 5 (and apparently apple maps are super bad in Australia and they're trying to fix it in a month, so if i buy it at the end of the year, hopefully it would be fixed)

anyways, i think my photo this time is the nicest, and i made sure to sign is super big, since my other signature's on my L's and red P's look like a dot.

less restrictions now...can go legit 100 (:

i don't think i can stop blogging leading up to the HSC, it gives me this sense of "relaxing time." same with fb, because people actually do use it to share/tell others about important stuff.

i understand hsc fat. well, i said i got this "survival pack" from the uni group at church which is filled with junk food, and my mum keeps on buying junk food, and then when you study you need to "power your brain" so yeah...

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