Monday, September 10, 2012

formal is going to be the colour i want it to be! i just don't want it to be too dark, cause it will kind of be a black and dark and gloomy...but i guess if it's too light, then yeah as people have said, it's too girly.

i watched an whole episode of don't tell the bride. mentally planning's actually really interesting, but it's probs all staged.

i'm really excited about formal. apparently, yday at church after the baptisms, my mum said someone told her i was in yr 12 this year (aka going to a formal) and apparently she does hair and makeup cheaply and comes to your house...hmm...might consider getting hair done if it's really cheap, or else why bother? last time i got a quote was back in yr 10 where they had a whole "formal" expo thing, and you get your hair done for free. that salon costed $80, and due to inflation, it's probs $100, and then for make-up it was $40 at a make-uup shop. well, THAT'S not worth it.

dear hair, please grooooooowwww. can't do anything w/ short hair. growing ever so slowly.

i can't believe my brother's yr 10 formal is almost as much as my yr 12 formal. he's only going on a boat. like for semi, it was only around $55...and my yr10 was super cheap.

this year's prefects have done a really good job w/ assemblies (compared to the previous year i think)

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