Thursday, September 20, 2012

PJs Day and Variety Night

when i first saw that there was a "pj day" i thought it would be very awkward, but i liked it! it was students vs teachers in different sports day, and the teachers were surprisingly good

anyways, today was a really. really fun day (: did nothing but take photos, play Billionaire, walk around the school.

variety night was amazing (: that talent :')
i do have one regret from high school: not doing a solo dance performance. too late now...but it was nice seeing other people (:

and yr 12 finale (: it kind of worked, but it was just fun dancing the pumped up music (: and i just love our grade, the organisational skills were just amazing.

i can't find my ticket thing ):

i hate how they counted UMAT as a day away, even though we all handed our admission tickets. i asked around earlier in the year and the office people said it was fine, but i couldn't argue with the roll call teacher, i should have checked with him first....but if i did go to school, then i would be freaking about umat the whole day and might have been now i have a 1 day absent thing. in my mind, i have 100% attendence. but at Baulko, they don't acknowledge it unlike Girra.

ceebs to write more about today. just go check fb photos when they're up-they tell what i've been doing the whole day.

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