Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Week Ever

i'm really angry/sad over so many levels.

here we go:
- manage to "cry" my way to getting what i wanted, well what was legitimately right but they screwed up. arghh it's so frustrating when half your report is wrong, and you have to chase up so many teachers then,
- not enough photos/not enough time for photos. FELLOW FRIENDS WHO READ THIS: PLEASE DON'T REJECT ME WHEN I WANT PHOTOS. yes, i document everything. i feel </3 when i see people with 2874937847519 photos, and i have... close to nothing.
- PEOPLE: WHY DON'T YOU COUNT WHEN TAKING PHOTOS? half my photos have people blinking/looking away... ))):
- full got slammed by her today, and she even told me she was talking about me behind her back
- i'll never have a normal class photo with people in school uniform :'(
- i'm actually just sad because i don't have enough time to take photos. ok tomorrow, like it or not. hope it doesn't rain! don't know what to wear..

so much food today. i've eaten cake and junk food the whole day. cake craving satisfied.
ahh, it was exciting having front row seats at assembly today, except the view is actually pretty bad, since the podium thing blocks half of the stage.
ext teacher got us a cake with : survivors of ext 1. yes totes, heaps of people dropped since our topic was just so hard.

spent well over half an hour finding where mum put all the's cause i haven't baked for a while, so yeah....after HSC, i am going to re arrange the whole pantry, various cupboards, shelves and other storage places with food. legit. i cannot spend so much time looking for simple stuff.

can't study at the moment. too many "graduating things to do"

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