Thursday, April 12, 2012

Yum Cha with Mum (:

used our first group on eating voucher today (: it was at the place in market city called The Eight. i haven't been there since they changed the manager and name. city yum cha is always expensive, but more nicer than normal places, i think.

i liked how they gave you variety for the amount you paid for. there were other people there using the voucher, cause the tables were marked with "voucher banquet" haha....
the spring rolls were more burnt than normal, so my mum asked them to change it, and the person said it was just the sauce (which was total bs since who uses sauce to deep fry stuff, you use oil, then you dip it in sauce) and after a while, they gave a new ones. after today, soo many deep fried stuff which we wouldn't normally order at yum cha, my face has exploded.... )))):
mango pudding was really gooood (: we also don't normally have that at yum cha. at first i thought i would still be hungry, but i was wrong....

sometimes, eavesdropping on public transport is actually interesting....
i love fast trains (: so fast that there is not enough time to read the signs outside to see which station you passed (:

had to wait in the car for an hour for mum shopping. i'm really petrol conscious these days, so decided not to drive two cars to the station. like yesterday, cheap discounted petrol went from 136cents, 135 then an hour later 153. and my family has a thing with not using cheap petrol so right now it costs 160+ per litre.

i haven't been to penno shops in a long time, which i saw today, it has a subway and the butcher place has been taken over by harris farms. i used to go there every week after, literally once a year...

i will start packing tomorrow..hehe..

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