Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Games-Movie

never would have thought that i would have watched it before friday when i couldn't stop myself reading the book so no one can spoil it for me.

so here are my thoughts:
ahh, peeta is exactly how i thought he would look like. you see, i only watch trailers after i see the movie, so i can see if their faces are what i imagine them to be. i thought prim would be heaps more girl-ish/young, gale was really ugly compared to the book's thoughts, cato was like the book, but i always thought Panem would be a "white country" as in Rue should have been white since she's supposed to remind Katniss of her sis..
their home is more crap than i thought it would be...
i liked the gore (: and yeah, the movie still kept the humour, even though it's kind of a bit different than the book...
ohh, the Capitol was really well done, like what i imagine them to be....bizarre make up and clothes etc
i keep thinking the training centre is like our school gym, obviously not...i thought the interview dress had jewels...but i liked the actor for played the interview guy...
and michelle posted something about the cornucopia, totes agree. thought it would be normal one, but it's really high tech, and the hovercraft are bigger than what i thought
i keep thinking haymitch is like the poor drunk guy with a billion kids in the simpsons...i like him in the movie, plays to his roles, i think
thought cinna would be like the designer guy in devil wears prada...

annd, it's better to read book first because i was actually surprised that they chose prim at reaping, since if i watched trailer/movie beforehand, the book would loose it's surprising element (well for me, that is)

i like to read a book first before movie (didn't to that with hp though...) but it lets me imagine it for myself, and then something to compare with

THIRD BOOK IS SO RIDICULOUS. EXACTLY LIKE TWILIGHT. girl likes two guys, theres even this page which is exactly what twilight is like, love triangle and the shiz with kisses etcetc. i think it only works for twilight, i'm not annoyed, just find it ridiculous how a girl loves two people in the hunger games. third book is really really different, but it's not as bad as my bro thinks it is, he took a week to read it, like 7times longer than normal. i really don't mind it except for the ridiculous things, but they are's not as intense as the other ones though....

the movie obviously had to move stuff around to cut back on costs (eg  less actors) but there was humour, so it was better than i thought for a movie book thing.

oh, i got a free boost today! after persuading the person my name was melissa and not elisa....i think she just got fed up in the end since there was a line behind me...

school tomorrow ):
really, holidays have flew past. noooooo joke.


  1. Actually, it mentions quite explicitly that Rue has dark brown skin in the book!

    1. :O must have skimmed over that part.. shall re-read the book after HSC (: