Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Holiday Wednesdays/GPS

why is everything always happening on my holiday wednesday's? things in morning and arvo i can't possibly move which leaves me the middle-ish of the day to do something. and like next week on Anzac day i have to miss out on lunch at old/ex-pastors house because of tutoring ): i really do like my food...after kyck i really craved red meat...yummm meattt...

the "new and improved" mcCain's lasagne now has orange cheese and tastes more like fake cheese than it used to be, it's quite sad. i had a lasagne craving today, and we have lasagne sheets except i don't have time to make it from scratch so i opted for the easier version....

was going to bake, but the rainy weather destroyed my baking mood.

i don't really get why people like youtube so much. (that is something which i have not conformed to...yet! (: )

my dad has a thing with gps's. i think i may have said this before, except he wanted to buy me a new gps for birthday/christmas last year, except i said no since i won't really use it. except tomorrow i need to use it, and my does has to go on business trip and also needs to use it. (un)luckily he bought a gps before on the internet. i think this was one of the badder buys on the internet. it said it could have gps, watch video, play games, music, radio etc all in one, except the thing is that it can't update itself, even if you take out the card and plug it into computer. ie, you can't get newer maps, even if you pay for it.
well that's the spare gps, it's actually newer than our normal one, except not as good. like if you shut it down, then open it, it loses its signal and you have to go through a billion steps (which i don't remember) to re-find the signal, so it doesn't find it's signal by itself, which isn't normal for gps's. i think i'll just stick to remembering to put it in sleep and not shut down (i never knew gps's "slept, but obviously this not as good one can" i guess it's sleek which is a good thing, like the other day, i saw one which looked like an iPhone...
it makes a funny sound when you tap it, and i don't know how to turn it off without turning off the voice/warnings

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