Sunday, April 1, 2012

i am totally going to fail 3U tomorrow. i don't even have to see the paper to know i have already failed.

this is such a bad mindset, but tis the truth.

couldn't even do the first question of a past paper.

i'm so glad i don't go to ruse.

3U ): can't inverse trig integrate/draw/derive. the FIRST question is already hard in past papers.

other schools are ok. and 2U was "easy" so 3U is "hard" and my teacher said it is "hard" compared to other years.

this sucks.

just read Happy Apple's Post (i wasn't the only one who found 2011 different)

and the last roundabout into my house, there was this car who full smashed into the roundabout sign pole. i saw something flashing far away, twas a tow truck. sucks to be them, i bet they drove full fast without breaking and turned when the roads were wet.

wasted the extra hour sleeping. i set my phone alarm to 6, and it auto adjusted itself, so i woke up at 7 (according to yday time). but that is like the earliest i have woken the whole term on a weekend day. goal is to now sleep early wake early.

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