Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Last Half Yearly :'(

sooo much catching up to do after not being on the comp for 48 hours.

but i am so happy today BECAUSE I HAD BEN AND JERRY'S! so sad i still had an exam today, or else i wouldn't have mind spending train ticket to get freeeeeeeeeee ice cream yesterday. i will totes go there next year on 3rd of april. i had phish food, it wasn't as solid as i would have liked it. i still think the half-baked cookie dough one is the best. i don't think i'll ever get it in a cone again (unless it's free) since it's totally not worth it, prob buy some mini tubs. that way, you can have a little but each day, and not a huge amount in one hit.

today was a good day. drove someone for the first time of my 6+ months as a p-plater. i've driven family around before, but i did that on my L's, so it doesn't count. i've only been in like 2 p-platers cars...

2.80 store wasn't that worth it. everything i picked up was made in china. only two things i saw were made in Japan ): i was kind of disappointed.

come to think of it, i don't think lunch was that worth it....

i've never fully worked around chats before. restrained myself from buying anything, because my aunt is coming over next month, and will defs bring clothes. my uncle, the other day, already brought over a luggage for her, but we can't open it, because we have to wait for her to divide the clothes between me, my cousin and my mum...the suspense of what's inside the suitcase.....):

YAY FOR FREE LIPTON GREEN TEA ICE TEA. went back for seconds, i like it, the subtleness of the green tea and it's not too sweet.

and, i went to two targets today, except they both didn't have the box sets of hunger games )))): only individually. how sad. chats' target is quite big....

i walked sooooooo much today. the third time i caught a bus to school (since i ceebs to drive to school for only 10mins speaking) the bus was frikken 20mins late. but it's ok, since it wasn't a fully scheduled exam. and that is why i don't trust public transport. walked more than i have today than in the last 2 weeks. no joke. in exam period it's exam seat, car seat, desk seat, dinner seat, desk seat, sleep. i read an article about how sitting kills you faster so ):

feet hurt from the lack of walking. and cross country tomorrow. i still cannot believe i mad it to zone last year. funniest thing to me in my high school sporting career

now exams:
worst exam was by far, english. oh, i had the awkward moment when a person in front of you decides to move to a seat after you've unpacked and filled in the attendance slip, and then it made me look like i forgot to "not leave a seat in front of me." but that was not why it was bad, it was the texts. i didn't understand them, and after the test, i glance over my answer for the fourth question, and it had like no techniques and it was worth 4 marks ): seriously, i had mental blanks every 3 minutes, and wasted soo much precious time. people around me just kept on writing and writing and writing. i wanted to cry during the exam ): so then i had a look at how much it was weighed. only 10%, so 5% towards my hsc, hopefully i can make up in my essays. BUT MODULE A ))))))))))): so sad, i forgot all my important sentences ))))))): going to fail ):

and i saw ophelia's photo about maths online. IT ACTUALLY IS REALLY SAD. i wanted to check something up in the hols. why can't they make us pay AFTER my hsc?

my jap teacher is so contradictory. it's quite unfair....

feels like a friday today.

i am exhausted. how will i survive cross country tomorrow? i am sooooo unfit.

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