Thursday, April 19, 2012

this saturday was supposed to be my Costco outing day, but apparently the neighbours are having an open house so i want to go. i have been wanting to go since my 16th party. apparently their renovated bathroom is the ugliest bathroom my parents have ever seen.

turkey mince is so nice! and it's not that oily as well which is a plus. i should have resisted but my brother almost finished the honey baked ham kettle chips, which i haven't had for ages, so i had some. bad decision.

why do i not work productively? i spent probs total of one hour on angry birds. time NOT well spent.

i want to wake up early but i can't seem to D= spend half my day sleeping ):

so much food at home. no joke.

you know what i really admire? guys who are organised. my brother is writing a cv for work experience (which i didn't do) and he asked me how has he helped in organising stuff/ what organisational skills he has. i couldn't think of any. he only asked me because he knew he had none. like seriously, his desk is soooo messy, and tissues are everywhere and he shoves stuff into his school bag, and everything is everywhere....
i think good organisational skills=less stress.

sometimes, it's really awkward talking to relatives. it's either yes or no. and i understand and ok. actually, it's only this one uncle who i talk like that, since he has a habit(?) of telling people if you say something or do something weird/wrong.

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