Monday, April 16, 2012

you know what i just realised, i think what would be really cool is to have macbook pro which you can take of the screen (like those smart covers for ipads) and the the screen becomes an ipad, and then you have two in one to save money (: i really love touching electronical stuff (:

oh, i forgot to mention, on fri arvo i went to buy my hunger games box set! now i have two full box sets to read after HSC (: and the line at target was soooooooooo long. waiting just to pay was approx 20min. but the worst line i've been in to buy something was at ralph lauren at dfo....i also bought hp7 pt2 for 9 bucks! sahhh cheap...
bought it for the sake of adding to dvd collection (which is not very large)

that guy was right, you really have to be in the right "mood" to do section 2. i'm really...idk...frustrated/ upset-ish about something right now, which made me fully fail a practice drill =/ ):

i finally watched ice age 3 today, recorded it form ages's actually quite funny (: which meant my day was not very productive ))):

watched avatar last night, i think it's just as good the second time. oh, the first time i watched it was in hong kong, and my uncle shouted my bro and i to watch it in 3D =D the graphics were soooo good. but when the native na'vi talked in their language, their subs were in chinese so we had to ask our uncle to translate for us, which was quite awks since we made a lot of noise...o i kind of had to watch it on tv to understand what they were saying

and the tiling finished yesterday! i should have remembered from prelim phys that sounds echoes are louder against hard surfaces. now when you make sound in the bathroom, is surprisingly loud, which kind of sucks since my room is next to the bathroom. and then my dad drilled a hole in our house yesterday evening....not really sure what he is trying to do.
my face is exploding ): i think it's probs most likely due to the dust plastery things from over the past week and maybe i'm sensitive to those wall-stuff, but now hopefully there will be less....

something i finally don't like about 3, i have to admit. i used to think it's really cool how you can check your usage on "free internet", but three ROAM which means extra costs involved in making phone calls,  and when going on internet. i refrained myself form going on internet, or else the bill would be like January's. only 3 roams, other networks don't, i thought roaming was a good thing back in yr 6, but it's not. but if i change to voda, then everything will be red and no free news (not that i really use my free news)

lastest i have woken all holidays, and maybe this year today.... ):

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