Wednesday, April 25, 2012

how you know if an old person drives

1. they are in a car that's built to be fast/expensive/posh and they drive ever so slowly, more than 10km/h under speed limit
2. they cut/overtake you ever so closely and you think it's some rebel driver but then they don't speed of and drive really slowly
3. they drive slow and don't go in the "slow lane" ie left hand lane if there's two lanes
4. they weave through traffic
5. they move onto a lane which is about to end, then wait there until there are no cars to go back into the proper lane
6. some take really risky turns, ie you can crash into them unless you put on you brakes, you didn't have to put on your brakes since they shouldn't have turned out onto the road in the first place
7. they don't drive inside their lane, and you have to speed to overtake them in case they do more weird things
8. sometimes, it seems they have just forgotten all the road rules.

and i realised why peeta's actor looked so familiar. was reading on wiki, he's in a lot of familiar movies, like zathura and journey to centre of the earth

oh, and yesterday i though i smelt gas leaking in our house, and when i walked out of the house i thought they were doing some back burning (in the middle of autumn ?) but it turns out when i saw the news, it was a massive fire in dural. wow, it travelled quite far. (probs cause of the wind...)

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