Monday, April 9, 2012

Bathroom Shopping

we only went to one place reaaaaaalllllllly farrrrrrrrrr away, but apparently it was cheap.

way too much choice, couldn't decide which ones to buy, so i just chose simple ones. still need to get a toilet, i ceebs looking. the ones we saw weren't branded (such a first world problem) i think we're just going to go with what looks was actually quite tiring standing, looking, waiting.

i found thi massive bruise on the inside of my elbow yesterday night. it was blue, legit blue. now it's legit purple/red. no idea how i got it, but it hurts more than normal bruises =/

thanks dandelion for inviting us over! your house is sooooo nice (:

i love going to people's houses.

invite me over to your house peoples!

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