Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last Cross Country

in these two days, i have done more walking than the WHOLE of last month combined. no joke.

originally, i planned to run as much as i could. but my feet hurt from yesterday, so that plan didn't work. even when i was walking, i kind of felt faint, like once when i went all out in breakstroke pull for 1328259 laps, my vision went black. so, yeah, even walking today my vision dimmed =/ probably because i didn't eat breakfast, and i just had lunch before i went running.

thus, i only ran like...400m? and even people who attempted three legged race over took me. i don't know, my leg really hurts from walking. now i can't even walk properly :S and that is what a lack of exercise does to you....was really light-headed even when walking.

so, i think i came last in my age group (which my aim was not to) and apprx 5 age groups overtook me.

BUT I GOT INTO ZONE! hahaha, funniest thing ever, since there were only 10 people in my age group. i have long awaited 6 years for this moment where there is no year above you. in swimming they combine 17 and 18 together, so there is always a year above you, and in yr 12, a year below you. but in x country, there is no yr above or below. and since it was last day of exams...only like 30 people in the grade turned up. yay for automatic entry! i shall walk zone, like i walked most of it last year....and it's on wed arvo, so i don't have to miss out much of school (:

tiles for bathroom came! my parents got 1st grade tiles, i never knew tiles were graded....they are so nice and modern. (: i finally figured where the renovation money is coming from-america trip money ): but i still get to go hk and another country. think we're going america/europe after my bro's hsc.....hopefully i'll still fit in the kiddy rides in disneyworld/land (:
can't wait for modern, a bit more spacious bathroom. i guess it's relatively cheap, since our bathroom isn't that big, so less work to be done....

i think im starting to get sick again...from dad ):

module a, i guess it was disappointing since i put a lot of time into it, but it was kind of expected since i only memorised it the day before.....and forgot all my important sentences ):
and i have told myself never ever to memorise an essay the day before, so i memorised my ext 1 two days before, and i really do hope i can start to memorise my next essay 3 days before, so i won't be disappointed with marks.....
oh, i am 100% sure i will get a bad mark for reading task. but it's only 10% (even though every mark still counts) i think i need to de-stress a bit about english.

holidays! already have soo much to do....but i spent today reading which was nice.

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