Saturday, April 28, 2012

house/street thoughts...

here's what happened in my street today:

the family who sold their house in feb, moved out (i never saw them move out) while 2 asians drove a truck moved in with 2 other asian guys in suits who helped move stuff in all in less than 20mins. so weird,  a truck to move little items...

next door had an open home and i finally went inside. they have over 6 different types of flooring. normal houses, i think, stick to 3...
i don't like their home, it's really dark and their backyard is half trees, but only good thing is half the backyard is flat. they say the house has "natural lighting," i don't think so since it was really dull, compared to our house, our's would have "artificial natural lighting" as in our side has heappppps more natural lighting than theirs.

they somehow fit all the desks into their rooms, and have built ins, we don't have built ins except for en suite.
oh, and their bathroom is reallly badly renovated. feels more crowded than before and doesn't really look new.

bathroom is almost finished! i think there's just some cleaning to do. i didn't know my parents were going to change another bathroom's vanity until dad started taking out the old one (which i didn't get a proper photo of)

our grass has never been this short/nice! neighbours, for once, trimmed our lawn. we have been always cutting their side of their grass, so finally they tried to cut the grass. i think they really want to sell their house this time, since there's been three previous attempts. this time has been the first time they have ever put so much effort into the garden.

mostly asians saw the house. my street used to be full white (except for my family ofc). now it's not.

next week this time is going to be so rowdy

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