Saturday, April 21, 2012

2 books, 2 days

write, so the orange pencil button is for a new post. i think this is more stylish-word-document-ish, hopefully i'll get used to it... excitement for hunger games. they make me happy, since i haven't been reading anything good these days.
finished book 2 today. 2 books in 2 days. this is a record for me. (i'm a slow reader) it sucks how my brother reads faster than me and tries to spoil the story with truths/ know, his school studied the first book in year 8, how cool! he was one of those who "read the book before it was popular"

ahhh, the book is so ridiculous, as in funny (?) ridiculous...actually Peeta is ridiculous, the things he says....
really, the second book is more ridiculous. it reminds me of twilight how a girl struggles between saving/loving two guys, it's funny cos people hate twilight but love hg. then it reminds me EXACTLY of the Gone series. about a town when adults disappear, and the kids disappear at a certain age, and people fight because of food and the occasional love story. and it also had a dome as well, which reminds me of simpsons movie, which is similar to the field barrier/dome thing.will finish the series after HSC....ahh, the similarities between teenage fantasy/love/action books is unending...

i couldn't help but start the 2nd book. hopefully i don't start the 3rd book...really, I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING THESE PAST 48 HOURS. HOW SAD. but it's good. i hope i'll just work hard during term. sometimes, you can't just full hard core study, you'll burn out before trials and HSC. i have many stories about this, which i will save in another post. well at least i've not played games/go on fb

how nice, bro friend finished 8th grade violin with A, and he's helping bro with his exam. will talk about music exams another day as well....

bro told me Peeta dies.(not sure if true) i think he will because of ending in 2nd book. how sad, he's a good character.

yeah, i think present tense books annoy me as it a sense that it is written by a person with not very skilled English (but i can't say much since my grammar is very poor)

shower was put up today! it's nice (: my parents did more toilet shopping today, i think the last of wonder why houses cost so much. just renovating one little room can cost you a new car...

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  1. My english teacher said that writing in present tense is infinitely harder to write in than past tense, because everyone uses past tense and you keep slipping into it if you try to write in present tense