Friday, April 27, 2012

shapes roadies are really good. they have ribs and steak flavour so it is a cheaper alternative when i crave a slab of steak or a rack of ribs. the shape is really random, but the packet is heavier than normal chip packets.

dad brought home a box of chocolates which were supposed to sell for $40. there weren't many inside, so i think they're hand made. they are so nice (:

i have found that children who have parents as teachers are really smart. i personally know a few. they are so this girl, her mum teaches at my school, and goes Ruse and doesn't need tutoring since her mum can teach her. i wish my parents had some kind of uni degree to teach me stuff at home...

ps. i'm posting on old blogger right now (: somehow, if you click stats through old history links, then click post, it goes back to the old one, but if i click dashboard, it takes me to the new one....

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