Friday, April 6, 2012


i think this is the first major indoor renovation for our house.

i was soo glad i was out of the house for the whole day. now i understand why my mum covered the whole hall way and shelves and doors with plastic.
soooooo much dust and plaster bits around. apparently it took my bro and dad like 8 hours to fully demolish all the tiles, take out old bath tub and shower and toilet. there's still a bit to take out. i think i've only had a bath 2 or three times in my house. and that was probs over 10 years ago. so all those bubble baths/soaps/bombs/aromas for baths, i've never used always said baths are a waste of water, but they were the closest thing i had to a swimming pool.....

showers are inconvenient for a few days ): not the same level as my room so i have to walk upppp and dowwwwn and uppp and downnnn to get stuff i need....

hopefully they finish it fast. (we still haven't bought everything yet....i need to find some time to got bathroom shopping)
now it's just an ugly room, with plaster bits everywhere. mum literally plasticised everything, which i think is actually a good idea.

i can't wait until it's done. it will feel like a new-ish home... (:

oh, do you guys know why there are no bins at central? learnt this from eng ext 1. it's because after 9/11, they were scared of people, so they took away the bins so people couldn't hide/put bombs/dangerous stuff to explode central.
i think that is also why there are no bins in underground epping.

i'm such a loner :'( actually i just ceebs socialising today. medentry confirmed that white people can be smarter than asians. arghhhh, how do they get the answers so quickly in all three sections. must train brain to think correctly....

had my first ever creme egg today! i only used to have the miniature ones, but my uncle bought them from costco, and so yay! it's sooooo sweet, but really nice, maybe i should halve it with someone next time...

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