Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bathroom Renovation

finally finished after 3 weeks! i ceebs to move everything back into place...

it didn't really take 3 weeks. but last for 3 weeks, ti was more like:
-2 days destroying/chucking
-half day to paint water proof paint thing
-1 day tile floor
-2 days tile walls and paint ceiling
-half day to put shower
-half day to put vanity and mirror
-half day to put toilet
-half day to put light, heater, fan thing and connect electrical stuff

-one day to put new vanity in another toilet

then one day clean stuff

i think it's ok speed since dad went on a business trip for a week...

it feels like a new house (((: it echoes a lot though, so when you step out, it feels as if you become deaf when you step out of the bathroom...

after one month, have have finally had all 45 Costco jelly belly flavours. i've found that the sodas are rarer...

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