Thursday, April 26, 2012

Infinity Pools

i got side-tracked this afternoon, and found myself looking at infinity pools.

THEY ARE SOOOO COOOOOOOL. especially Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort. 200m above ground, 150m long, and spectacular views.

i will go there, someday.....

and that feeling that you are going to fall of the edge (but you don't) and no glass wall
and then i went on other sites which had a full list of other amazing infinity pools (but not as high and long as singapore) but the designs are all so wonderful.

at the gold cost, there was also an infinity pool at the hotel we stayed at, but it was on a much smaller scale.

and, someone link me to $99 beijing trips. now i know quite a lot of people have been on those and are quite good. mainland china is actually part of the bottom of places i want to go, except it's cheap. i think america/europe will be after bro's HSC. 

two things i learnt in the holidays:
1. all bathroom measurements are in mm
2. if you cut your hair above shoulder length, it will start to curl as it grows out (which explains why my hair waves more every time i cut my hair the the beginning of the year above shoulder height)

masterchef next sunday. must restrict myself. fourth season already, new set. had to do a quick google search to see who won 3rd season, which shows how much i hated her (and also still hate 1st person winner) defs others who deserved to win (there should be an anglo young guy win this year since there hasn't been any yet...)

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