Monday, April 30, 2012

hsc timetable out!!!

i wasn't aware until after school. last year, i was much more aware of these things.
i freaked out because i thought my hsc pin was wrong, but then i remembered they sent me one just before results came out, so i made it into student online. and then i quickly glanced through my timetable, and two exams on the same day (going to now triple check)
and at least one day between exams. and English has a day in between. unlike last year, well a weekend in between like '10 and before would be good, but i would much much much rather a day in between than no day at all.
thank you God for alright timetable (:

English reading task was the biggest surprise in results. i fully blanked out in the test, yet somehow did alright...didn't even want teacher to read my makr out (as usual) and she was like it's higher than that person but lower than the other person. thanks for telling my mark to the class.

but Jap is definitely my worst subject. it's a slap in the face, really. how sad, the effort i put in does not equate to marks. ))): and then ext 1, our new teacher said our class was the worst, and we did heaps more worse than her other class, and that we all failed creative. great, that was my last subject to ever allow me to dream of state rank...going to be )))): with the results tomorrow....

i hate how the principal decided that our hy marks will be our report marks. that means 17 people get 100% for english, and it's stupid. also, like some marks are less appealing, then the scholarship people will just flick away the applications. and yeah, if the whole grade protested against a department, they might be persuaded, by there is no arguing against the principal...

waited for jerseys the whole day...and it was really disappointing, such an unreliable courier...

just spent 30min analysing timetable instead of doing hw =/

had my first shower in the new bathroom today, last one to try it out...

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